[Watch] Keith Urban Brings Out Nicole Kidman During Chicago Concert


Country fans attending Keith Urban’s Chicago concert date got a very special treat this weekend when the singer invited his wife, Nicole Kidman, to the stage. On Saturday (Aug. 18), Keith was in the midst of his show at Chicago’s Hollywood Casino Amphitheater when he noticed a woman holding up a sign which read, “Baby’s first time on stage.” He then invited mom-to-be Amy and her sister, Christina, to the stage.

After the singer asked the women where they were from, they suggested he visit. “Can I bring my wife with me?” he asks. “She’s here tonight in the wings!”

Pointing to Nicole, the actress waves to the audience as Keith motions for her to join him on stage. “C’mon, baby, say hi to these lovely people,” he says. Nicole then walks toward Keith and gives him a kiss before waving to the audience, saying, “Hi, Chicago.”

“This is Amy. This is Nicole,” Keith says as he introduces his wife to the two sisters. They each embrace in a hug as Nicole tries to retreat back to her place behind the scenes.

“Is that it?” Keith asks as Nicole begins to walk away. “Don’t you want to hang here with me a little bit? Baby, you love being here. We should get a picture because my wife is freaking out right now I can tell you. You are in good hands, baby girl.”

Ahead of the photo opp, Keith asks when Amy’s little bundle of joy is due and she says in October. “The 26th would be good,” Keith says of possibly sharing a birthday with the baby. “Have you got a name? Keith would be good.”

Amy admits that she and her husband are considering Keith as a baby name. Whether or not they do name their son Keith, Amy sure has a fun story to tell him about his first concert.