Was This Kiss Between Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban Really That Awkward?


It was a big night for women during the 75th Annual Golden Globe Awards, including one of our favorite Hollywood leading ladies, Nicole Kidman. Nicole took home the award for Best Actress in a Limited Series for playing Celeste on “Big Little Lies,” which also won for Best Miniseries or TV Film.

One thing I can kind of glossed over, but the Internet hasn’t forgotten is the kiss between Nicole and husband Keith Urban as she went to the stage to accept her award.

One Twitter user called it a “journey.” But, I’m just not there.

First, the Golden Globes are in a giant hotel ballroom versus an auditorium. Attendees are seated at dinner tables with drinks and food, not to mention there are other tables within 12 inches of them. It’s a very crowded situation.

So, when Nicole sprang up out of her chair, she was probably somewhat ready. Like, I would imagine she had already moved her chair out from under the table for an easy exit to either get to the stage or to hug BFF Reese Witherspoon who was nominated in the same category and also sitting at her table. Keith, it seems, had not thought that far ahead and possibly assumed he’d get a kiss while sitting down.

Since Nicole was much more ready to get up from her chair, she was approximately 2 seconds ahead of Keith in kissing time. She was bent over with lips out before he had even turned his head. And then, as he was actually standing up, he was trying not to step on her dress or knock his chair over. All of those things led to the first kiss which was not their best moment, but not super weird or anything given the time and space.

When they finally were both standing up and in position the kiss was fine. Overall, I say not awkward.

And of course, when you remember that Nicole ended her speech with, “Keith Urban, when my cheek is against yours, everything melts away. And that is love. It’s true. I love you so much,” it kind of makes you forget about the speech.


Also, when “Big Little Lies” was announced as a winner, Nicole waited on Keith to stand up first and everything was perfect.