Keith Urban Talks Nicole Kidman, Losing His Dad and Funky Beats

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Keith Urban has been in Nashville since 1992 after dropping out of school in Australia at age 15. He began playing the guitar when he was 6-years-old, but he failed music in school.

“No, I failed music at school, which was a real drag! ‘Cause it’s all theory-based, and I wasn’t theory-based. I just learned by ear, I got taught a basic chord, and then another basic chord, and it was just like monkey see, monkey do. That’s sort of how I learned.”

Fortunately for country music fans across the world, Urban proved to be an absolute musical genius even without music classes.

Urban sat down with CBS’ “Sunday Morning” to talk about how much his father influenced his music, how Nicole Kidman changed his life and how the new album, Ripcord, came to be.