[Watch] Keith Urban Shows His Funny Side While Playing “This or That”

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Keith Urban is well known for his guitar slinging but his funny side is at the forefront in the latest segment of “This or That” during a recent appearance on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.” Seated backstage with his band, Keith & Co. take part in a fun game of “This or That” where he selects an answer from a series of two outlandish options.

The “Coming Home” singer reflects on a wide range of topics that include being on a desert island, flying and pencil-sharpening nostrils. Throughout the interrogation, he has some intriguing answers of his own. “This or that: be able to fly but can only land in snow over leap tall buildings in a single bound but always turn your ankle?” the first question reads.

“I’m gonna say fly,” Keith says without hesitation. “I’ll land in the snow. We’ll just move to the Rockies.”

The band unanimously agrees on this question as well as when asked whether they’d prefer to live on a stranded island or crowded mall for a month. Once they realize they’ll have access to unlimited food at the mall it’s an obvious choice — they all consent on living in the mall. Their only requirement: the mall has an Orange Julius.

The question that shows his ability to poke fun at himself might be the most unusual. “This or that: have a ketchup-dispensing belly button or pencil-sharpening nostrils?” When the band realizes that no one uses pencils anymore it’s a no-brainer.

“I’m gonna take the pencil sharpening ’cause I think it’d be good that I finally put something up my nose that’s worthwhile,” Keith, who has been open about his past of drug and alcohol addiction, deadpans as the band laughs.

Finally, would Keith rather have an elephant-sized puppy or a puppy-sized elephant? “Elephant-sized puppy and with a kickass memory,” he says. “[I’d] name it Tiny.”

Keith recently kicked off his 2018 Graffiti U Tour which has him traveling throughout the country and Canada until November.