7 Things You Need to Know About Keith Urban’s ‘Ripcord’


After releasing three singles over the course of the last 11 months, Keith Urban’s Ripcord is finally here. It’s Urban’s eighth studio album and features 13 brand new songs (including those three songs you’ve already heard all over the radio).

Here’s what you need to know about Ripcord:

1. The duet with Carrie Underwood is fire.
The track is pretty produced, but it’s guaranteed that these two will get together on stage to sing this one a lot, so that’s the real version we’re looking forward to. Otherwise, put on your dancing shoes, because “The Fighter” will get you moving.

2. He recorded a lot of songs for the project.
Urban told the Bobby Bones Show that he probably recorded 26 or 27 songs before deciding on 13 for the album. It took him almost 18 months to finalize Ripcord.

3. Yes, Pitbull is really on the album.
And yes, the tune starts with Pitbull’s typical opening announcement– “Keith Urban! Mr. Worldwide! They say life is short, so Imma live it up. Tonight it’s going down until the sun comes up.”

4. “Gone Tomorrow (Here Today)” is kind of about his dad.
Urban lost his dad last December and thinking about him definitely inspired him to write “Gone Tomorrow (Here Today),” telling The Boot, “When you lose people, I think it shocks you into going, ‘Where did they go? I want to believe that there’s something more, but right now’s still real.”

5. “Wasted Time” sounds amazing with just Urban playing the piano.
If you think Ripcord is sonically different than Urban’s previous albums– you’re right. But, remember– these songs are going to sound so different live. Just listen to “Wasted Time” on the piano, totally shot on an iPhone.

6. Urban’s hosting three unprecedented release shows/parties for the album.
Urban will crisscross the country with three stops in New York City, Nashville and Los Angeles. (Fans are invited to attend ALL of the events and should go to http://smarturl.it/ripcordevents for further information.

7. Urban has the best stories about everything.
We could listen to Urban talk all day long.

Ripcord is out now, everywhere.