Keith Urban Sang to Nicole Kidman While She Sang BGVs and I’ve Never Seen Anything Like It


As Keith Urban gears up for the release of his Graffiti U album he’s got a familiar face by his side and an A-lister singing BGVs for him, too.

The world’s sweetest and most romantic couple was on stage together for a Graffiti U Spotify listening party and though there were lots of people in the room, Keith only had eyes for Nicole Kidman and well, Nicole only had eyes for Keith.

As Keith sang “Parallel Line,” Nicole sang along, danced and then remembered she had a microphone she could sing into too.

It’s hard to decide what the sweetest part about all of this. I find it adorable that Nicole Kidman, Oscar-winning did not get dressed up for this event. I also really like that she seems to truly be the biggest Keith Urban fan in the room and gets embarrassed at one point while he’s singing to her.

Graffiti U is available April 27 and does feature Nicole on BGVs on “Female.” Other featured artists include Julia Michaels and Kassi Ashton.