Keith Urban’s “The Speed Of Now” Album Coming to You in September

Keith urban announces new album The Speed of Now Part 1
Photo by Tammie Arroyo / AFF-USA.COM

If you’re one of those people who believes that something good is going to come from the current chaos in the world…and you also happen to be a country music fan, your belief may have just been realized. Keith Urban has announced that he will release his new album, The Speed of Now: Part 1 in September.

Being as ridiculously talented as he is, Keith wasn’t satisfied with his publicist just zinging out a press release sharing the big news. He, instead, created a video that not only shares the story behind the name of the album but the process of making it and some tasty tidbits of some of the tracks on the project.

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OK, hang on. This isn’t Keith as a talking head, reading cue cards or a prompter. This video announcement is as entertaining as we can only guess the new collection of music will be when in drops on September 18. The country superstar takes us through a typical day in quarantine which includes making coffee, making more coffee, and making more coffee, writing songs, recording, finding inspiration in the must unexpected places and wrestling with the voices in his head.

Now, Keith has already released two songs from the project — the infectious groove-driven “Polaroid,” and the gently soaring “God Whispered Your Name” — but in the video we get to hear snippets of a few more: “Tumbleweed,” “Change Your Mind,” “Wait,” and “Superman.”

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Of course, we would all rather have the new music now, but anything worth having is worth the wait.