Keith Urban’s (Solo) Stripped-Down Version of “The Fighter” is So Good and So Relevant

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Keith Urban and Carrie Underwood’s “The Fighter” is super catchy and fun, but it’s a little cheesy and every now and then, a little disco-y. Don’t get me wrong, I like it. I like anything Keith and Carrie do– especially together.

Keith recently played the tune for a small crowd at the Country Music Hall of Fame without all the beats and Carrie and it was amazing. He turned it into a ballad, after explaining how the song was written.

Keith explained that it was written super quickly and based on real life, “We get hurt, we’re human beings, I wish we were all thin-skinned, because we would treat each other very differently. We have daughters… and exposing them to things… even things like worst dressed lists, it’s the most cruel thing to do…the song is about saying, let me take this, let me take all the crap the world throws at you, let me try and take that for you…”

Keith also went on to say, “it’s a vow, it’s a promise that I’ll do this.”