Keith Urban Top 10 Songs

Keith Urban: Top 10 Keith Urban songs of Career
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He’s one of the nicest guys in country music, has movie star good looks, plays guitar like a boss, is a prolific songwriter, and is always happy to smile for a photo, offer a warm hug or collaborate with a fellow artist. And his catalog is a soundtrack for so many lives.

Here Keith Urban Top 10 Songs:

10. “Female”

It may not have been the most successful release from Graffiti U, but “Female,” written by Shane McAnally, Ross Copperman and Nicolle Galyon resonated deeply with so many female listeners as well as Keith himself as a son, husband and father of two daughters. It’s unique production and profound in its message, both his wife Nic and the songwriter Nic, lent their voices to the haunting chorus, literally giving women a voice.

9. “But for the Grace of God”

It was just the second single that many of us ever heard from the handsome fella with the accent so deeply from the south, it crossed oceans. And even though it was co-written with Charlotte Caffey and Jane Wiedlin, it gave us incredible insight into and a foreshadowing of this benevolent singer’s generous spirit.

8. “Somebody Like You”

Co-written with John Shanks, Keith put down the guitar that he would become so well associated with and picked up the ganjo — a guitar and banjo hybrid — proving that he wasn’t just a talented singer and songwriter, he was also a gifted multi-instrumentalist.

7. “Raise ‘Em Up” with Eric Church

It might not be a pairing you’d expect, much like the Miranda Lambert collab, “We Were Us,” also on Fuse, but being the visionary he is, Keith saw the magic that could happen when Eric Church joined him on this memorable groove penned by hit songwriters Tom Douglas, Jeffrey Steele and The Cadillac Three’s Jaren Johnston.

6. “I Told You So”

There’s definitely a rock-and-roll edge to Keith Urban and he needed no help bringing it out for this boot stomper from Love, Pain & the Whole Crazy Thing. This plea to return and repair a broken relationship has such an infectious groove we can’t imagine that she didn’t go back home.

5. “I’m In”

Keith has long been a fan of Radney Foster, previously covering “Raining On Sunday,” and he tapped back into Rad’s catalog for this co-write with Georgia Middleman from Defying Gravity.

Keith kept the hippy-dippy groove that made the original so fun, but without Abra Moore’s ethereal background vocal, there’s a different texture to the tune, and once the chorus rolls up, it’s wide open on the highway.

4. “Without You”

It’s hard to believe that Keith didn’t have a hand in writing this ode to a musician’s spouse, but Joe West and Dave Pahanish were the masterminds that tailored this tune and we all feel as if we were granted a glimpse into the lives of Keith and Nicole because of it.

3. “Making Memories of Us”

Keith isn’t just an incredible musician, he’s also a dedicated fan of great music and we quickly learned that he loved shining a spotlight on other artists, often by covering their songs. While several acts had recorded Rodney Crowell’s “Making Memories of Us,” including Tracy Byrd and Vince Gill, it was Keith who took the sentimental ball to the top of the chart.

2. “The Fighter” with Carrie Underwood

Written with the late busbee, Keith did tap directly into his relationship with wife Nicole Kidman for lyrical inspiration on this romantic rocker from Ripcord. And while the urge to exploit every magical note from Carrie’s incredible voice had to be mighty, he utilized it more as an embellishment — that icing or extra sparkle that takes something from amazing to mind- blowing.

1. “Tonight I Wanna Cry”

It takes a special artist who can write about pain so profound that listeners drop a tear, but Keith and frequent co-writer Monty Powell did just that with “Tonight I Wanna Cry” from Be Here. Scaled back production with Keith at the piano, this song is precisely what heartbreak sounds like.