Kelleigh Bannen’s ‘Cheap Sunglasses’ EP is the Perfect Summer Jam

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Every summer, I tend to crave new music. Your favorite summer songs are great, but sometimes you want a new jam in your headphones.

Kelleigh Bannen has created the perfect collection of summer song with her new EP, Cheap Sunglasses.

“This project really pushed me out of my comfort zone and into my sweet spot,” she said in a statement.

And she’s right. All five songs on the project hit a different emotion that we have all experienced over the course of the best season. Here’s a breakdown of each:

“Welcome to the Party”

It’s relatable. It’s fun. It’s high energy. You can’t help but tap your foot to this tune.

“Cheap Sunglasses”

Summer love has been long associated with short term romance. That doesn’t mean you can’t have standards.

“Once Upon A”

This song isn’t a pleasant surprise. The sound is epic. The lyrics talk about making a big impact and you can’t help but feel it through every aspect of this song.

“All Good Things”

I can picture girls sitting on a dock singing along to this tune. From the guitar to the vocals, it just makes you feel good.


What’s a girl going to do when the nearest beach is nine hours away? Make your own beach.

Kelleigh Bannen – Cheap Sunglasses