Kellie Pickler & Phil Vassar’s “The Naughty List” Is The Most Awkward Music Video Of 2017

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Some songs are better without music videos. “The Naughty List” is one of them. No one really needs a jaunty party song about getting naughty on Christmas. No one really thought Christmas could use some more provocative music. No one thought Kellie Pickler and Phil Vassar would make a good sexy couple. But here we are, with what might be the most awkward and uncomfortable video of the year.

You want awkwardness? It’s got it in spades. It gives awkwardness like Oprah gives out gifts.

What about a complete lack of chemistry? Ooo, you couldn’t find chemistry here with an electron microscope. Kellie actively tries not no make eye contact with Phil. And this “Can you believe this?” look happens a lot. Like, too much.

Ok, but does it have a long conversation about sex at the end of the song over the music? Oh yeah, dontcha just love some song talking. And spoiler alert: Kellie is not into it.