Kellie Pickler’s Reaction To Dolly Parton’s Surprise Set Visit Was Priceless

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Kellie Pickler and Ben Aaron recently kicked off their daytime series, “Pickler and Ben,” and the co-hosts were in for a big surprise.

While taping the show, Pickler had no idea that the legendary Dolly Parton would be making a visit to the set. Thanks to the sneaky folks behind-the-scenes— including Faith Hill, who executive produces the show— the “Red High Heels” singer got the surprise of her life.

“I’m on my way to see Kellie and Ben,” Dolly said walking onto the set. “They don’t know I’m coming, unless Kellie can smell me. She loves my perfume, she says she can smell me a mile away but today I’m hoping she don’t, because I’m gonna walk in there and I’m gonna surprise them. I hope she’ll be pleased. If not, I’m going anyway.”

With that, Dolly made her entrance and the look on Kellie’s face was priceless. The North Carolina native had no idea that she would have her idol as a guest on her very first show.

“I’m in shock. Oh my goodness thank you for being here,” Pickler said said to her idol.

Parton just so happened to be working on a kids album next door to the set and was invited over for the surprise moment. She stopped in to congratulate her friend on the new show. “I’ve loved her since she was a lil ol’ thing and young in the business and now look at her doing all good,” Dolly said of Pickler.

Parton even brought some presents for the co-hosts, which included a cupcake for each of them and a rainbow vase for their set, because she and Pickler share a love of rainbows.

“This is the vase Dolly gave us and it will always have a special place on our set and in our hearts,” Pickler said of the gift.

“Pickler and Ben” airs weekdays, check your local listing for time and channel.

Dolly Parton’s new children’s album I Believe In You is available for pre-order now on and is available for purchase everywhere starting October 13.