Kellie Pickler Took A Shot Before Talking to Ellen DeGeneres in Case She Got Scared and She Did

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Since her days on “American Idol,” Kellie Pickler has been one of Ellen DeGeneres’ favorite guests and honestly, ours too.

Recently, while discussing her show “Pickler & Ben” with Ellen, Kellie shared some hilarious behind-the-scenes moments. For example, Ellen asked her, “and Ben is your co-host, not your husband, why not?” Kellie at first said, “well, that would be weird… he’s like my brother and I have a husband.” You think she’d lead with “I have a husband.” Classic Kellie.

But, of course, the best part of the interview is when Kellie started talking about her boss, Faith Hill. Kellie shared, “Growing up, watching all her videos and singing her music… I never thought she would be my boss lady. She’s my boss! But, she’s so real and down-to-the-earth…”

And then, Ellen scared Kellie with a fake Faith and it was magic. But, don’t worry– Kellie was ready for it, “I was trying to mentally prepare for it, I took a shot before I came out here.”