Kellie Pickler Nearly Took a Tumble on “Family Feud”

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Country music artist and sweetheart Kellie Pickler isn’t only known for her singing, performing and songwriting ability, she’s also known for her incredibly strong southern accent, bubbly personality and hilarious, often unexpected, comments.

The 29-year-old musician recently participated in ABC’s hit show “Celebrity Family Feud” with her husband Kyle, brother-in-law Bradley, sister Courtney and friend Caroline Hobby to compete against former NSYNC member Lance Bass and his family.

During her stint on the show, there were quite a few, what we are calling, “Kellie Moments.” Our favorite has to be when she launched for the buzzer, ended up totally missing it and nearly landed straight on her face.

After the incident, Kellie suggested a “bigger buzzer.”

Even after “all her talking,” as Steve Harvey said, Kellie lived up to the challenge and the Pickler family ended up winning $25,000 for the charity of their choice, United Service Organizations, Inc. (USO).