Warning: Kellie Pickler’s Song “If It Wasn’t For A Woman,” Inspired By Her Late Grandmother, May Make You Cry


Kellie Pickler may be busy with her new talk show, “Pickler and Ben,” but that doesn’t mean she’s forgotten about her music. The singer has released a new song, “If It Wasn’t For A Woman.”

“My new song ‘If It Wasn’t For a Woman,’ inspired by my Grandma Faye is available now. Being able to write this song with my husband and our dear friend Brian Bunn makes it even more special,” Kellie said on Instagram. “We hope it means as much to you as it does to us. Much love and many blessings.”

As a child, the North Carolina native was raised primarily by her grandparents Faye and Clyde Pickler. Kellie’s mother was an inconsistent presence in her life and her father spent much of her youth in jail. Faye, who Kellie would call mom, was extremely close to her granddaughter until her passing from lung cancer in 2002.

Kellie, her husband Kyle Jacobs and Brian Bunn co-penned the song that brings to life the picture of Kellie’s loving relationship with her grandmother. While she debuted her song on stage this summer at CMA Music Festival audience to a responsive crowd, it is officially available to fans today.

“I close my eyes and she’s right there / Barbie dolls and teddy bears / picking buttercups from the yard / putting them in mason jars / tea parties and pecan pie / make me think of her every time / yes sir, yes ma’am I wouldn’t be who I am / if it wasn’t for a woman / leading me by the hand / helping me understand / if it wasn’t for a woman / teaching me wrong from right / praying for me at night / I’d be half the woman I am / if it wasn’t for a woman.”

“We want the song to touch people, we want to make them feel something and we want to make them think,” Kellie told CMT about the song.

The North Carolina native previously sat down with CMT for the story behind the song during her reality series “I Love Kellie Pickler.”