Kim Kardashian Was Real Awkward While Interviewing Kellie Pickler


I’m not afraid to tell you that I like Kim Kardashian. I’ve always been very impressed with her temperament, if nothing else. Well, there isn’t much else, right?

Kim recently filled in for Kelly Ripa on “Live With Kelly and Ryan” and she really had some great fillers for the segment.

It started after Kim said she “vividly remembered” when Kellie Pickler was on “American Idol.” And as Kellie was listing all of the former “American Idol” that live in Nashville. As Kellie was listing names, Kim happily chimed in, “Carrie Underwood?” Kellie, kindly said, “Yes, Carrie.”

Then, at one point, Kim told a very long story about Christmas shopping and Kellie politely listened, though she was obviously uninterested.

And that was that.