In the Midst of the “Star Wars” Craze, Kellie Pickler Tries To Become a Jedi Master


When Kellie Pickler and Ben Aaron launched their new talk show, “Pickler & Ben,” they new they’d be in for new experiences but we don’t think Kellie would have ever imagined she’d become a Jedi Master, something she apparently knows nothing about.

A Jedi Master, is of course one who has attained mastery of the Force in the Star Wars movies. Obi Won Kenobi, Yoda, Anakin Skywalker and eventually Luke Skywalker were all Jedi Masters, if you’re familiar with the series. If not, you’re right there with Kellie.

If Ben has anything to say about, Kellie will learn about the series. On their latest episode, Ben enlisted Kellie to try out the new “Star Wars” video game called the “Star Wars Jedi Challenge.” Ben explains how it works, “You get these augmented reality goggles, a light saber controller and you are instantly transported into a galaxy far, far, away. “

“Who are these angry looking people,” Kellie exclaimed when putting on the virtual reality goggles.

Then the games began and it really didn’t go to well. There should be a warmup lesson on how to hold and operate a light saber. While it looked hilarious, we really don’t think Kellie will become a “Star Wars” fan anytime soon.

May the force be with her.