Kelly Clarkson Explains Her New Talk Show In Less Than a Minute


Kelly Clarkson will launch her new talk show, “The Kelly Clarkson Show,” in the fall of 2019 on NBC. And, if her recent chat with Marie Claire is any indication, it’s poised to be a fun and jam-packed daytime talk show.

In a video series titled “A Minute and a Glass of Wine with Kelly Clarkson,” the singer and coach of “The Voice” tries her best to give fans some insight on her new television gig in less than a minute.

“I’m pretty sure it’s not a secret that I can ramble with the best of ’em,” she says in a video clip. “I’m gonna try with Marie Claire. They challenged me that I’m supposed to answer some questions in less than a minute. I’m gonna fail. I just have a lot to say, y’all!”

While she ran out of time when explaining her love story with husband and manager, Brandon, the stopwatch then started as she was set to discuss her upcoming talk show.

“My talk show is pretty exciting ’cause we’re kind of incorporating all the things that I love. Music, obviously being one of them. We’re starting every episode with a fan request. Somebody from the audience is going to pick a song. We’ve already been doing that on tour for years and we thought we’d incorporate it into the show,” she says, barely taking a breath.

She continues: “We’re gonna have some fun stuff. We’re going to have some celebrities and we’re gonna also have some cool, normal people too because that’s who I like to vibe with the most. It’s basically highlighting all these organizations that we really love. I’m excited to do charity stuff and highlight some organizations that are amazing.”

Impressively, Kelly got all that information in with nearly 30 seconds left to spare. She was understandably surprised with herself too. “I got it all in!” Later, she gave the publication a few more details behind her upcoming show.

“Even in the pilot, people were trying to get me to go somewhere with one of the guests on the show. It was really cool though, because the people on my team understood right off the bat. I was like look, I totally get why you’re doing this. I don’t want that kind of show, where we’re pushing people just to make a headline. I don’t ever want to make someone uncomfortable,” she explains. “I want people’s voices to be heard. I’ve just been on the receiving end of that a lot. I just want quality, and I want heart, and I want humor, and that’s all.”