Kelly Clarkson Gets Candid About Fellow “The Voice” Coaches


Kelly Clarkson stopped by “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” last week to talk about the season premiere of “The Voice,” which kicked off on Monday night (Sept. 24.)

While there Jimmy had the pop star spill some secrets on her cast mates, Jennifer Hudson, Blake Shelton and Adam Levine. In a game of Co-star Superlatives, Kelly was asked a series of “Most Likely” questions and she had to reveal which of her cast mates fits the bill.

We learned that every single coach she’s worked with is most likely to be on their phone.

“I’m the only one that never has their phone,” Kelly reveals. “‘Cause I like to talk to people. And they do too, just not to me. They talk to anybody else apparently.”

Who’s most likely to get Kelly into trouble on set? You guessed it—Blake Shelton. And Jennifer Hudson is the best pep talk giver, according to Kelly.

“She’s so kind and just great mom vibes. She’s so maternal and sweet. Just a really cool woman. “She’s so nice,” Kelly said.

Most likely to craft the perfect playlist? “Blake”

Funniest person on the judges group text?  “Hands down probably Adam”

Best dressed? “I would say me. Not because of me. I don’t dress me, I didn’t pick this, I’m not this cool. But Candace Lambert does. My stylist is amazing,” Kelly said.

Most likely to belt it out on Karaoke night? “I feel like that’s all of us.”

Kelly, Blake, Adam and Jennifer can be seen battling it out on “The Voice” every Monday and Tuesday nights on NBC.