Kelly Clarkson Surprises Lucky Fan with “Piece By Piece” Performance During Wedding Reception


Many of us dream of having Kelly Clarkson serenading us at our weddings or at any event for that matter. That dream came true for a lucky bride and groom when Kelly made a surprise appearance during their wedding reception.

In a video posted on Youtube, Kelly took the stage during the bride and groom’s first dance to sing her emotional song “Piece by Piece.”  As Kelly began singing, Stacy, the bride, had no idea that the pop star was on stage until her new husband made her look over toward the stage. The surprise was set up by Stacy’s sister, Tanya, so the groom was out of the loop as well.

“Your sister Tanya set this all up and she put this all together for you,” Kelly said following the performance. “So they told me you related to this song. I thought it might be a cool moment that you, you know, felt somebody better than maybe what we were shown.”

After Stacy, her sister and husband all embraced, Kelly asked  “Can I give you a hug?” The bride obliged and Kelly, the humble artist that she is, said, “I’m so happy for you. I hope that this didn’t ruin you day. When they said this was a surprise I freaked out. I was like, ‘ Dear God, I hope she loves this.”

No worries there. As if Kelly Clarkson singing at your wedding would ruin your day.



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Who doesn’t love a good surprise?! 😜 – Team KC

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