Kelsea Ballerini’s Best Beauty Advice Should Be Taught in Middle Schools

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Kelsea Ballerini knows what’s up. Not only has she become a massive country music star in the last couple of years, she’s also becoming known for her down-to-earth advice and very approachable vibe. A couple of years ago, people started comparing her legs to Carrie Underwood’s– a compliment for the ages, sure. But, when asked her workout routine she just said she walks her dog and tries to go easy on the chicken tenders every now and then. (Results definitely not guaranteed.)

When it comes to beauty advice, Kelsea’s not trying to talk about some product you can only buy in France under a bridge from someone who once walked past Gwyneth Paltrow– she’s throwing out real helpful advice.

Kelsea told the Grand Ole Opry that it’s all about washing your face– simple, yet effective.

But, really, she started slinging knowledge when she shared some advice from her mom, “My mom told me when I was younger… you either play up the eyes or the lip, but you can’t do both because you’d look crazy.”

This is the type of advice that should hang on the walls of middle schools everywhere– kind of like the “hang in there” cat poster.