Kelsea Ballerini and Chelsea Handler Do A Chicken Nugget Taste Test —”Chicken Nuggets Are My Love Language,” Says Kelsea


There are many gimmicks that country music stars must endure to promote their new music, but taste-testing chicken nuggets wasn’t one of them… until now. Kelsea Ballerini visited comedian Chelsea Handler’s Netflix show this week for a dinner/date over chicken nuggets and a glass of wine

“Chicken Nuggets are actually my love language. I don’t know if you knew that or not,” Kelsea told the comedian before starting. So the 24-year-old was up for the challenge.

As a man dressed as a life-sized chicken nugget served the ladies actual chicken nuggets, a shareable plate with different types of sauces sat between the two.

After the first round of nuggets, pitting Wendy’s against Chic-Fil-A, Kelsea was asked which one she liked better. “I feel like they’re different. I feel like this is probably real chicken and I feel like I probably don’t know what this is.” Alas, we couldn’t see which one she was pointing to.

When McDonald’s nuggets came out, Kelsea confessed that those were her favorite and that was the reason she was there. While they never told us which nugget won the test, we’ll assume Kelsea is still a McDonald’s nugget fan.

The Tennessee native is currently promoting her new album, Unapologetically, which features new songs like “Legends,” “High School,” “I Hate Love Songs” and the album’s title track.