According To Kelsea Ballerini It Is Never Too Early To Put Up Your Christmas Decorations


I love Christmas so much I feel like Buddy the Elf. The lights, the music, all of the festivities – I’m 100% here for it all. So when I hear someone like Kelsea Ballerini advocate a year-round Christmas policy, I am in! According to her, It’s never too early to start celebrating and you, probably, should never stop. This gal has her priorities straight.

Kelsea recently answered a battery of Christmas questions and, I have to say, her Christmas spirit is infectious.

How early is too early to listen to Christmas music? It’s never too early.

hen should you take down Christmas decorations? Never

Favorite Christmas attire?

Look, folks, you need to listen to Kelsea. She knows her stuff and has got this Christmas thing figured out.

“It’s never too early, it’s a year-round event.”