Kelsea Ballerini Joins Team Kelly Clarkson as Mentor on “The Voice”


Kelsea Ballerini fans are excited to learn that their girl will return to the hit NBC reality show, “The Voice,” but in a different capacity than last time. This season, she’ll act as a celebrity advisor to one of her own biggest musical influences, her pal, Kelly Clarkson.

Last season, Kelsea had her own team of aspiring artists whom she handpicked after they had been nudged out. They became part of The Comeback Stage and they competed for another shot at winning the show with the other contestants.

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Kelly explained to ExtraTV that what she’s doing this season on the show is essentially what she did on season 15. Kelsea adds, “It’s different though doing it with her because I feel like I’m learning from what she’s saying. I feel like I’m being way more quiet because I’m listening to what she’s saying.” Kelly scoffs at Kelsea’s kind words and adds, “Cut to she’s being nice. It’s just because I talk so damn much.”

This is likely to be another “pinch me” moment for Kelsea whose career has been on a positive trajectory since she released “Love Me Like You Mean It” in 2014. The east Tennessee native credits Kelsea with inspiring her to pursue her musical destiny, though.

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On the red carpet with E! at this year’s Grammy Awards, she told Ryan Seacrest, “It was her ‘Behind These Hazel Eyes Tour’ and she had these eyes above her stage, and, depending on the song, they would wink, or blink, or cry. And I was 12 and I remember thinking, ‘Oh my god, I think I want to do that with my life. And I looked up and the eyes, the video preprogrammed eyes, winked and I was like, ‘That’s it. Kelly told me I have to do it.”

What Kelsea may not have realized from those winking eyes is that she would also be on tour with Kelly and Brynn Cartelli on “The Meaning of Life Tour” this year. Kelsea has dates with her musical mentor through March.

Season 16 of “The Voice” on February 16 and in addition to Kelsea, Brooks and Dunn will be by Blake Shelton’s side to advise his team.