Kelsea Ballerini Makes Us Fall in Love with Love Songs in Soulful Performance of “I Hate Love Songs”


Kelsea Ballerini made her way to the great state of New York Wednesday night (Aug. 1) to appear on “Late Night with Seth Meyers” The 24-year-old performed her current single, “I Hate Love Songs,” which is technically a love song that we love.

In her latest hit, Ballerini sings of hating “pink hearts with glitter and Valentine’s dinner
And roses just die in a week,” something many of us can relate too. But when it comes to hating love songs, we just can’t get there. Why? Because we love “I Hate Love Songs.”

We think Ballerini, who was decked out in matching denim vest and jeans complimented but a touch of pink in the her shoes, is sending us mix signals. With lyrics like “I hate love songs (I hate love songs) / Yeah, I really do (I really do) / I hate love songs (I hate love songs) / But I love you,” we can’t help but say ‘awww.’

The Grammy nominated artist convincingly sings us through a love song about hating love songs. And while we’re on board with her about hating love songs, we love a love song about hating love songs. All these feelings.

In the end, Ballerini’s sensual vocals, can convince us of just about anything.