Morgan Evans Was in the Middle of a Song in Oklahoma When Everyone (Including Kelsea Ballerini) Had to Be Evacuated Because of a Tornado

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If you haven’t spent much time in Oklahoma in the month of May, you may not know that a tornado warning or watch is just as common as the sun rising every morning. A few years ago, I spent a full Friday to Sunday weekend in Oklahoma City and there was a small tornado every single day somewhere in the area.

Morgan Evans, Carly Pearce and Danielle Bradbery were recently playing a show in Norman, Oklahoma when everyone inside Riverwind Casino was forced to take cover. Morgan was actually on stage in the middle of his set. Wife Kelsea Ballerini was also in the building, so they took cover together and shared the happenings on Instagram.

Kelsea shared, “So, Morgan was halfway through his first song… and everyone got evacuated because there’s a tornado.”

Morgan’s update was much like Kelsea’s but with an Australian accent, “So, update, I was halfway through my first song when the tornado watch turned into a tornado warning. Now we’re all seeking shelter. The crowd’s all gone…”

Later they shared, “update! The tornado has passed and the crowd is filing back in…”

Carly actually seemed to be outside when it was all going down, which made for a really interesting Instagram update from her.



According to KOCO in Oklahoma City storm damage was reported in the area, but no injuries.