Kelsea Ballerini Has Love/Hate Relationship In Her New Video For “I Hate Love Songs”


From the moment we first heard Kelsea Ballerini perform her newest single, “I Hate Love Songs,” we were wondering if the Tennessee native really hated love songs, or was this just an incredibly clever and extremely well-written tongue-in-cheek ode to love? After all, when Kelsea recorded the song, co-written with Shane McAnally and Trevor Rosen, for her album, Unapologetically, she was up to her lashes in love and planning a wedding with now-hubs, fellow recording artist Morgan Evans.

Now, in the companion video for “I Hate Love Songs,” we’re still we’re still on the fence about her love song hating ways.

As Kelsea weaves her way through vignettes of saccharin and cliché displays of love, including a wedding, a proposal, and an embrace in the rain, her face reflects emotions of disgust, distaste, and doubt. But there are other times in the video when the east Tennessee beauty seems so full of joy and glee, she’s absolutely effervescent.

What gives, Kelsea?

What gives is that at those times, she’s flirtatiously singing about being in love, not loving or hating love songs. What gives is that this young lady is as delightful as she is talented, which is what makes this video so dang much fun to watch.

What gives is that “I Hate Love Songs” could easily be Kelsea’s next chart-topping single, hot on the heels of her most recent No. 1 single, “Legends,” also from the Unapologetically album.

Fans first heard “I Hate Love Songs” when Kelsea sang it at the Grand Ole Opry last summer, but she performed it recently at the CMT Music Video Awards. There’s something special about seeing it live, though, so if you get the chance, be sure to grab tickets to see Kelsea on Keith Urban’s Graffiti U Tour this summer and fall.