Kelsea Ballerini Singing Passive Aggressive Internet Comments Is The Greatest Thing On The Internet

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There is nothing worse than an internet comment section. It is the lair of trolls, home of haters, and the avenue for insane thoughts. So why not spice it up a little? Why not have Kelsea Ballerini sing the comments as if they were country songs? Well, it happened and it’s not only amazing but one of the better things on the entire internet.

Ballerini visited “Good Mythical Morning,” a YouTube-based morning show for no other reason than to goof off and sing songs with the show’s hosts, Rhett and Link. After discussing her Uber rating habits, Kelsea and the gang started singing comments from WebMD, NextDoor, and bad parking notes.

The real highlight is Kelsea singing an Amazon review for a bad fart machine. Yeah, it was weird and hilarious.