Kenny Chesney Shares the Story Behind “Coach” on ESPN

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Kenny Chesney has written a lot of songs over the course of his career, but some songs may mean a little more to him. Especially a song that can combine his biggest passions– making music and sports.

As Chesney releases his brand new album, Cosmic HallelujahCosmic Hallelujah, to the masses he wants fans to know that it is a reflection of where he is in his life right now, “I think it’s a fun record and I think it’s going to give people the license to think. It’s going to give people the license to have fun, the license to escape, but more importantly the license to live in the moment and that’s important and that was by design because that’s where I am in my life,” he said in a release.

One of those thoughtful, reflective songs on the album is “Coach,” which he co-wrote with legendary writer Casey Beathard, who might be the only guy in country music to know more about football than Chesney.

During a recent interview with ESPN, Chesney took a minute to discuss the tune and what it means to him.

You were a teacher, a preacher, a mother, a father
A lot less taker than giver
A keeper of secrets and constantly
Making believers out of quitters
For all your time and your heart and your soul
You deserve a lot more than a toast
But here’s to you and thanks again
We’ll never forget you coach

Cosmic Hallelujah is available everywhere, including iTunes.