[Watch] Kenny Chesney Brings Laidback Vibe to “Good Morning America” with “Better Boat”

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Kenny Chesney visited “Good Morning America” on Tuesday morning (July 31), for an acoustic performance of “Better Boat.” The heartfelt ballad is featured on his new album, Songs for the Saints, and has the singer reflecting on the aftermath of Hurricanes Maria and Irma in the Virgin Islands.

Seated in a chair with his acoustic guitar in hand, Kenny’s deep vocals captivated the New York City studio audience. The slowed and introspective ballad is the final track on his album and has the singer recalling the difficult last few months as his beloved islands rebuild.

“I breathe in, I breathe out / Got friends to call who let me talk about / What ain’t workin’, what’s still hurtin’ / All the things I feel like cussin’ out / Now and then I let it go, I ride the waves I can’t control,” he sings on the chorus. Backed by two acoustic guitar players and a keyboard player, Kenny’s stripped down performance struck a chord.

“Of all the songs on there, ‘Better Boat,’ I think really captures the emotion of that moment – and the months following,” Kenny previously said about his new album. “There’s an acceptance it takes to face those challenges and that uncertainty the lyric has that line, ‘I ride the waves I can’t control.’ And that’s exactly how this was, and in some ways, still is.”

All the proceeds of Songs for the Saints will go to Kenny’s Love for Love City Foundation to help rebuild the Virgin Islands following the devastation from the hurricanes. In addition to releasing his new album, Kenny is celebrating another career milestone as his two-disc 29-song live album, Live in No Shoes Nation, recently achieved platinum status.

“When you get caught up in the moment, you have no way of really hearing how good the fans sound, or even really understanding how much these songs mean to them,” Kenny says in a statement. “But I hear it every night, and I am continually blown away. As I was listening, I wanted No Shoes Nation to hear it, too. And I didn’t put this out worrying about how it sold, but letting the fans hear it, too. Turns out they like living the songs again every bit as much as I do.”