Kenny Chesney and P!nk Duet, “Setting the World on Fire” is Here


Twenty days after Kenny Chesney delayed the release of his Cosmic Hallelujah and announced a new duet with P!nk, that song is finally here.

“Setting the World on Fire” captures that moment in time just before a couple falls in love– when they are untouchable and yes, setting the world on fire.

[Verse 1: Kenny Chesney + Together]
Yeah we got drunk on La Cienega Boulevard
Takin’ pictures of people we thought were stars
It’s easy to give in to your heart
When you’re drunk on La Cienega Boulevard
When the song comin’ out of the speakers
Was the band that you had on your t-shirt
We were screamin’ cause all the streets were empty
And you kissed me, and we were …

[Chorus: Pink]
Up all night and we were feelin’ so good
Yeah, we got a little higher than we probably should
We were in a hotel singin’ in the hallway lights
We were strikin’ the matches right down to the ashes
Setting the world on fire, setting the world on fire

It’s not reminiscent of old school Chesney, but very much in line with previous releases from The Big Revival. P!nk’s vocals pair nicely with Kenny’s.

“You can’t conjure a song that captures that feeling of being on the brink like this does,” Kenny said in a press release. “The lyrics are a perfect way of saying it, but when you feel that melody rise, the arrangement picking up momentum – it’s bigger than you are, and all you want to do is throw yourself against the night. Then when P!NK comes in, well, that just brings this (song) to life.”

Kenny has a long history of chart-topping collaborations with the most unlikely of partners. This collaboration could match each of those.

Kenny Chesney – Setting the World On Fire