Kenny Chesney Pushes Back Album Launch to Include New Duet with P!NK


As Kenny Chesney’s latest single, “Noise” moves up the country music charts, the release of his album Some Town Somewhere, which was originally slated for a July 8 release, has been pushed back to October 28 for a very special reason.

A duet with pop superstar and GRAMMY award-winning artist, P!NK.

After spending the winter in California writing and prepping this new album, the two legendary singers got to know each other and after Chesney heard the song, “Setting The World On Fire” he knew it needed a woman’s touch and he knew that woman was P!NK.

“The thing about P!NK, beyond what a great singer she is, is what a generous spirit she has. To me, great singers are the ones who can get inside a song and capture the spark. When you hear P!NK on this song, you believe her – and to me, that’s everything the song required to come to life,” Chesney said in a release.

Chesney also went on to say, “Sure, it would be easier to just leave everything on schedule. But when you have something you know is great, and it captures the best part of being alive, why wouldn’t you slow down enough to make it happen in the moment? That’s what ‘Setting The World On Fire’ is all about – and I figure it may be a while before I make another record, and I don’t want to wait to share this because it’s so good.”

In summation: Chesney says Some Town Somewhere is definitely worth the wait.