One of Kenny Rogers’ Final Recordings Seems Especially Important

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Hearts were broken when beloved singer-songwriter Kenny Rogers— passed away on March 20 at the age of 81. Singers rolled out tribute after tribute of favorite Kenny hits and fans dusted off vinyl and CD to recall the music that memories were built around. Fortunately, as is often the case, there were recordings in the archives of music Kenny had recorded, but never released.

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And now, Capitol Records is releasing one of those songs — “Goodbye.”

There is little information available on “Goodbye,” however, those with the ability to approve the release supported making the track available to the people who needed it and would appreciate it the most — his fans. Written by dear friend Lionel Richie, the tender ballad is a final farewell from one broken heart to someone he will never see again.

Lyrics like:

There’s peace in where you are / May be all I need to know, / And if I listen to my heart / I’ll hear your laughter once more. / And so I have to say / I’m just glad you came my way. /It’s not easy to say goodbye.”

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…imply that the reason behind the separation is something more than a romantic break-up, and is, instead, a good-bye to a physical presence, but not necessarily an emotional one. While it is unknown if additional recordings from Kenny will be made in the future, “Goodbye” seems especially poignant and important. Since the singer had to cut his final tour short when his health became too challenging to continue his live shows, “Goodbye” seems like a fitting farewell and thanks to his beloved supporters.