Never Forget: Wyclef Remixed Kenny Rogers’ “The Gambler” Once and You Have to Hear It


This is definitely one of those pre-9/11 things. You remember the days– airport security was soft, mortgages were easy to get and Kenny Rogers was a willing participant in a remix of “The Gambler.” The year 2000 in America was just– simpler.

“The Gambler” is easily one of the most well-known and beloved country music songs of all-time. It was originally written in 1976, but didn’t become the song you know and love until Rogers released it in 1978. The song won Rogers a GRAMMY.

Twenty-two years after Rogers lectured everybody on when and where to count their money, an unlikely friendship happened with Wyclef Jean. The result was this masterpiece remix entitled, “Kenny Rogers – Pharoahe Monch Dub Plate.”

And this wasn’t just a remix with a sample of “The Gambler.” Rogers was very much a part of this project.

The song starts with Rogers speaking:

Yo this Kenny Rogers chillin on the country side
With men like Wyclef (uh-huh) Jerry Wonder (uh-huh)
Big Jack (mm-hmm) Big Beast (mm-hmm)
And we gon’ do something like this for you

After Jean does his thing, Rogers roars back in on the chorus:

You got to know when to hold ’em (YEAH, YEAH!)
Know when to fold ’em (DJ’s, DJ’s!)
Know when to walk away (HIP-HOP, HIP-HOP!)
Know when to run.. (YEAH, YEAH!)
You got to count your dubplates (GHETTO, GHETTO, GHETTO)
Before you touch the turntables (ALL HOODS!)
Cause if you run out of big tunes
That means your sound is done (Y’ALL READY?)

Yes, you read that correctly– you better count your dub plates.

If this equation happened today– a big-time rapper/producer remixed a classic, yet not that old country music tune– we’re thinking Nicki Minaj teams up with Shania Twain for a remix of “Any Man of Mine.”

But, we’re not going to count our dub plates until someone is sitting at the turntables.