Kimberly Perry’s New Hair Color Has a Much Deeper Meaning Than You’d Expect

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In case you missed it, The Band Perry just released their new song “Comeback Kid,” and it’s catchy, pretty pop-like and full of deep, uplifting messages. Along with the song has come a series of cryptic videos, a somewhat weird (for siblings) album cover and a hair color change for lead singer Kimberly Perry.

In a recent interview with iHeart Radio, Kimberly talked about her new, darker locks and it turns out that the motivation behind the physical transformation has a much deeper meaning than I would’ve expected

Honestly, I just thought she was up for a change, but, according to the artist, she did it so the band could clearly represent solidarity.

The siblings also took a second to talk about the meaning behind their new single, the blood, sweat and tears that went into recording it and the extensive process that went into penning it.