Kip Moore Asks Fans for a Home Cooked Meal In Exchange for Some Music

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Kip Moore pr photo
Courtesy the Greenroom PR

Kip Moore had some down time recently in Montana and was craving a home cooked meal, so he reached out to his fans in the area. The singer and his band were in between tour dates and invited fans to take part in a fun exchange—he’d play them some tunes for a warm meal.

“We’ve been loving this city,” Kip says of Billings, Montana, in an Instagram video. “You guys have been treating us so good, so kind to us, and we’re so appreciative. We want to try something we’ve never tried before. We’re here for one more full day tomorrow . . . we’re all craving a home cooked meal and were thinking maybe we could swap services.”

He then tells fans to make an Instagram story and tag @kipmooremusic. “Tell us what your go-to dish is, why me and the guys should come out there. We’ll bring our instruments and will get down in your kitchen or the BBQ outside. We’ll all pick and have a good time and meet some good people,” he adds.

The singer shared a few clips on Instagram stories of his fun-filled evening in Montana on Tuesday night (July 31), where he visited local fans Derek and his wife, Ashley, for a home cooked meal. When he showed up to their home and saw coolers of beer and meat ready to be grilled, the “Last Shot” singer was more than pleased.

“I just realized I picked the right house right here,” he says in a video.

Another clip includes Kip with his gracious host for the evening, Dawn, the fan’s mom. “This is mama bear right here,” he shares in a video mid-hug.

Kip remains on the road for the majority of 2018. The singer recently announced his After the Sunburn Tour, which kicks off Sept. 20 and runs through November. Perhaps some more home cooked meals are in his future.