Kip Moore Details the Type of Woman He’s Looking for in His New Single “More Girls Like You”

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Kip Moore is a beautiful contradiction.

He sings these beautiful songs about raising a family and being in love, but he’s not in a hurry to marry and do that. His latest single “More Girls Like You” is a sweet tale of settling down. And the singer says he’s waiting for the right girl.

“I’ve never been that guy looking for a relationship and solitude has never scared me,” Kip said. “I’ve never bought into the societal pressure of following the A, B and C steps of life, but I still look forward to the family chapter. This song is about meeting that someone you find so amazing inside and out, that you can only pray the kids you have together are just as amazing as she is. That’s the kind of woman I hope to end up with.”

Hear the new tune: