Kip Moore’s Video for “The Bull” Is a Wild Ride That Will Remind You Life is About the Ups AND the Downs

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Kip Moore doesn’t usually record songs he didn’t write. But once you hear “The Bull,” you’ll immediately understand why he chose to perform this outside song.

The tune, which was written by his frequent collaborator Luke Dick, falls so in line with Kip’s personality and history. It’s an uplifting tune about how the lows in life are just as important as the highs:

Who knows, I might wind up on the cover of a Rolling Stone
With a pair of shades and a Grammy in my hand
Just a blue jean boy in a great big world of “yes”
Got my speech all ready in my head
Then I’ll say, then I’ll say, yeah, I’ll say

Thank you Uncle D for teaching me “La Bamba” on guitar
Thank you girl from Broken Bow, who shot an arrow through my heart
Thank you mama for the Roll and thank you daddy for the Rock
Most of all, most of all, thanks to the bulls that bucked me off

Now the video adds a unique element. It begins with Kip performing in a small club to an extremely uninterested audience, so he does what a lot people do after a bad day: drinks. In his sleep, he’s kidnapped by a futurist figure (think the Bunny in “Donnie Darko” but if he wasn’t a bunny and he was from space) and dragged (literally) to a rave party with everyone from people in Steampunk garb to those straight out of the 70s. You’ve gotta see it to believe it.