Kix Brooks Says Ronnie Dunn Still Has a Stash of Supplies From Y2K Hysteria (and Kacey Musgraves Kind of Made Fun of Him)

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During a recent interview with Kacey Musgraves and a fun discussion about her new Christmas album and the song “What Are You Doing New Year’s Eve,” Kix Brooks gave us a little more insight into the man, the myth, the legend– Ronnie Dunn.

“Y2K, remember that? Everyone was freaking out, like computers were gonna get us” Kacey said.

“Oh, Ronnie Dunn’s still got water bottles and generators stacked up to the roof in his storage room,” Kix shared as he went on to say that he questioned Ronnie about it back in the day too.

Ronnie’s reply?

“You’ll see.”

Let’s also note, this conversation started because of the song and also because Kix asked Kacey how awkward she felt making out with someone on New Year’s Eve.

Best interview ever.