Korie Robertson vs. Kris Jenner: A Tale of Two Moms

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Korie Robertson and Kris Jenner have both chosen to share their lives through reality television making it seem these two super popular families would be living similar lives.

Jenner and Robertson have built multi-million dollar empires in very different ways, they both have adult(ish) children and of course, neither can go anywhere without a camera in pointing in their general direction.

So, while they are very much alike, they’re also very (very) different: 

What the Robertsons look like when hitting the red carpet.

They are all well dressed and look stunning, but their dresses are very conservative. They clearly stick to a “more is more” philosophy when it comes to formal attire.

What the Kardashian/Jenners look like:

Clearly, “less is more” is the philosophy here.

When Korie’s daughter gets a modeling gig with Sherri Hill:

The modest gown Sadie is modeling is age appropriate and beautiful and sweet.

When Kris’ daughter gets one with Sherri Hill:

We aren’t sure this dress would meet the dress code for any high school prom. But would Kendall even go to a high school prom?

Korie’s kids, John Luke and Sadie to workout in:

This is pretty much what the average American kid wears while participating in a sporting event.

And Kris’ daughter, Kylie:

We aren’t even sure where you would purchase workout attire that looks like this. Would the rib cage straps impede your ability to breathe?

What Korie’s daughter looks like hanging out with friends:

Sadie and friends are hanging out in the great outdoors and being silly. Does anyone want to bet on who ended up falling out of the hammock?

And the Kardashian/Jenner girls:

They are hanging out in what looks to be a nightclub setting. And dressed like it too.

What it looks like when Sadie posts a selfie:

Again, she looks like the typical American teen posting a selfie of her red lipstick and killer manicure.

And Kylie:

Looks like Kylie is going to work out again? Her manicure is on point, though.  

Moral of the story is that even when families have similarities, they can be completely different.

Photo Credit: Instagram/@bosshogswife, @legitsadierob, @krisjenner, @kyliejenner, “Kendall Jenner walking Sherri Hill runway at New York Fashion Week.” by DustyhillOwn work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0 via Wikimedia Commons.