Kylie Rae Harris’ Blood Alcohol Level Was Over Three Times the Legal Limit in Deadly Crash

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Kylie Rae Harris death in car accident
Photo courtesy Kylie Rae Instagram

When news broke on September 4 that singer-songwriter Kylie Rae Harris (30) was killed in a three-car accident in New Mexico, the country community mourned her loss. Also killed in the crash was 16-year-old Maria Elena Cruz, daughter of deputy chief of the San Cristóbal Volunteer Fire Department, Pedro Cruz.

While police revealed that speed was a factor in the deadly crash, toxicology reports were still being examined. On Thursday (Dec. 5), more details have emerged as to the cause of the accident. The Taos Country Sheriff’s Department released a statement on their Facebook page, revealing Kylie Ray Harris’ blood alcohol level was over three times the limit and she was driving 102 mph.

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“On September 4th, 2019 the Taos County Sheriff’s Office responded to a three vehicle crash on HWY 522 near mile marker 1. As result of this crash two of the drivers, Maria Cruz, age 16 and Kylie Harris age 30 were killed,” the statement reads. “The initial investigation provided indicators that speed was a factor and that alcohol impairment was suspected on driver Kylie Harris. In the days following the crash our investigation continued and data from the on-board computers was collected.”

The statement continues, “In part, the data showed Ms. Harris’ speed at 102 miles per hour at the time of the first collision event before crossing into the oncoming lane and striking Ms. Cruz’ vehicle at 95 miles per hour.

“Toxicology and post mortem reports were done by the UNM Office of Medical Investigators and will be made available through them at a later time. The report on Ms. Cruz shows no alcohol was present at the time of her death. The report on Ms. Harris shows a BAC (blood alcohol concentration) of .28, which is over three times the legal limit for impaired driving was present at the time of her death.”

Sheriff Jerry Hogrefe added, “The now completed investigation supports what we suspected at the time of our initial investigation and my earlier press release that stated alcohol consumption was suspected and speeding was a factor”.

The 30-year-old singer- songwriter hailed from Wylie, Texas. She had released two albums and, most recently, her self-titled EP, which includes the song “Twenty Years From Now” (written with Jon Randall) that many of her fans are referencing on social media for its message to her six-year-old daughter, Corbie.

Maria Elena Cruz was a student at Taos High School.

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Maria’s family had set up a GoFundMe page for expenses, which has since been closed after reach over $26,000. raised.

“I would like to inform you all that Marias family is satisfied with the amount that has been raised,” the GoFundMe Organizer wrote. “I will keep the GoFundMe closed, however all your love, support, and prayers have not gone unnoticed. Please continue doing this because it really does help. Also since I am not 18 years old my mom, Marlene, will be withdrawing the funds and we will give all the money to Maria’s family. It makes me so happy to know that Maria is so loved, she is truly and incredible person. Thank you all again.”

Our condolences to all involved in this tragic accident.