Kymberli Joye Slays Maren Morris and Zedd’s “The Middle” On “The Voice” [Watch]


Kymberli Joye had all “The Voice” coaches in awe during her standout performance of “The Middle” on Monday evening (Oct. 29). Representing Team Kelly in the 2018 Knockouts, Kymberli soared above her competition and came out winner alongside teammate Zaxai.

For the knockout round, Kymberli chose to slow down Maren Morris and Zedd’s “The Middle” and showcase her powerful vocals. With a voice that would make Whitney Houston proud, she had Kelly Clarkson standing and dancing along throughout her memorable performance.

Kymberli kicked off the song with a slow start but by the time she hit the chorus, she was off to the races with a voice that had Jennifer Hudson stunned and speechless. Mid-song, JHud joined Kelly standing up in amazement at Kymberli’s vocals.

Kymberli’s performance secured her spot on Team Kelly. Her cover proved to be a hard act to follow for teammates Natasia Greycloud and Zaxai. While Zaxai impressed with his cover of Smokey Robinson’s “Cruisin’” their teammate Natasia didn’t fare as well with her rendition of Chris Stapleton’s “Tennessee Whiskey.” The decision was a hard one for Kelly, but she ultimately chose Kymberli and Zaxai to stay on her team.

As it turns out, Blake Shelton was eyeing Natasia for himself and stole her from Team Kelly. An eventful evening, all three of Kelly’s team members in the 2018 Knockouts were saved for the current season of “The Voice” — no doubt a major relief for each singer.