Lady A is Going to Let All Their Babies Ride on One Tour Bus, Which Would Be a Great Reality TV Show

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The Lady Antebellum baby boom is almost complete, as Hillary Scott is set to give birth to twins any day now. The girls will join Dave Haywood’s newborn daughter, Lillie, and big sister Eisele Kay and big brothers, Ward Kelley and Cash Haywood.

And though one would assume Hillary is setting herself up to take off most of the year, Charles Kelley says that’s not the case, “Everybody knows that Hillary is having twins, but she’s fired up and ready. We were just sitting and making plans. Everybody is ready to get out there and sing these songs. It’s going to be really great.”

And those kids are definitely coming, “we’re going to leave them all on one bus. Survival of the fittest. We’ll see who wins.”

Honestly, we’d watch that TV show.