Lady Antebellum’s Dave Haywood and wife Kelli Break the Internet With “Just Another Day in Quarantine”

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It’s been fun to see how celebrities have channeled their creativity during this global pandemic. Plenty are tapping into their inner chefs, some are guinea pigs for their children’s amusement and some are revealing hidden talents. Or, in the case of Lady Antebellum’s Dave Haywood, he’s revealing his wife Kelli’s hidden talent for tackling a take on a Phil Vassar smash.

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Dave is already an award-winning singer and songwriter, but most of us didn’t realize that his wife, Kelli Cashiola, can also belt out a pretty respectable tune. The pair recently collaborated on a parody of the Phil’s hit single, “Just Another Day in Paradise,” changing up the lyrics to fit the title “Just Another Day in Quarantine.” And since a visual element was undeniable, they also shot a music video to share on social media.

Kid’s screaming at the TV / Dog barking at the Fed Ex man / Bringing Amazon overnights / Lots of toys, but lots of fights School hour, haven’t showered / Ran out of milk, TP and flour / That grocery run, I’m scared to death/ I wipe it down and I hold my breath.”

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Dave and Kelli go out to jab sing about the commonalities we all share while sheltering at home, including stress eating, weight gain, 2:00pm Happy Hour, the disinterest in pants that zip and the increased interest in the Tiger King. Although the video shows the pair hiding from their children — Cash and Lillie — to have an adult beverage, it’s obvious from their children’s delighted faces that things aren’t so bad in the Haywood household.