Lady Antebellum Is Not Very Good at Early Morning ‘Family Feud’


Lady Antebellum is really good at a lot of things. Not only are they stellar musicians but they’re genuinely good people. That said, they aren’t very good at playing Family Feud on an early morning radio show.

You know how Family Feud goes, right? You have two teams — ahem, families — and they are pit against each other with a trivia question. They are given a topic and they have to guess how most people would answer the question.

The first question posed in the Lady A vs. Bobby Bones Show was to name tall country singers. Which should’ve been easy because one of the answers is in the band — Charles Kelley. However, the Bones team saw it coming and snatched that first answer, and eventually earning the point.

Next came “Things That Break Easily” and while Lady A started out strong, Charles tried to answer “sticks” and was so upset at himself that he had to get up and walk it off. The trio eventually got the point though.

Last up was “Name a famous Dave,” and while the Bones team started pretty lame — “Dave Thomas” — and one of the famous Daves is actually in Lady A, the group struggled. Perhaps the biggest setback was Dave’s guess, “Dave Hasselhoff,” and then his justification, “I call him Dave.”

Moral of the story? Lady Antebellum should probably wait until after lunch to play trivia. Watch how it all went down: