Lady Antebellum’s Hillary Scott Celebrates Twin Daughter’s Milestones As The Grow

Lady Antebellum Hillary Scott twins Besty and Emory milestone birthday
Photo courtesy of Hillary Scott Instagram

Country music families have been blessed with a whole flock of baby chicks in the past few years, and many of the artists have taken us along on the journey of their little one’s growth. Or their little pair’s growth.

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That’s what Lady Antebellum’s Hillary Scott did in a new post on her Instagram page.

It’s hard for us to believe that her twin girls, Betsy and Emory, are now 18-months old, and maybe Hillary is struggling to believe it, too because she shares a collection of photos that mark milestone birthdays from the day they arrived and every three months after that to their 18- month birthday.

“0/3/6/9/12/15/18 months,” she writes. “A LOT has changed and A LOT of lbs. and hair growth has occurred. Happy 18 months my angel babies! (photo #5 is @montgomeryleephoto)”

The girls have definitely gone from teeny-tiny newborns to roly-poly babies to rambunctious toddlers with the hair to show for it. But every step of the way, they are beyond adorable and obviously adored.

Just a handful of days ago, Hillary and husband Chris Tyrrell’s oldest daughter, Eisele, celebrated her sixth birthday and what a cutie she has grown up to be.

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It’s looking like Chris is surrounded by a bevy of little beauties.