Lady Antebellum Promise “Big Ol’ Vegas Explosion” and “Bluebird Feel” at Upcoming Residency

Lady Antebellum Las Vegas residency
Photo by Tammie Arroyo/

Lady Antebellum’s upcoming 2019 Las Vegas residency will take their live show to new heights. A milestone for the country trio, Our Kind of Vegas at the Palms Casino Resort’s Pearl Concert Theater will allow the band to reinterpret their current live show for a Sin City crowd.

“It seemed to be a way to continue to grow our live show in a different way,” Lady A’s Hillary Scott told local press gathered at Nashville’s Sinema on Oct. 23 upon their residency announcement.

Bandmate Charles Kelley says they plan to make their residency “a big ol’ Vegas explosion of a show but then have an extended stripped down moment, almost like a Bluebird [Cafe] moment, where we can really talk about how we wrote these songs and have that connection with the audience. I think in a theater like this we’re going to be able to stretch ourselves and create some more connections.”

While the band plan on bringing their families along for the residency, they also hint that some songwriters may join them on stage each night. As Charles explains, they’re really pushing for the intimate feel of Nashville’s famed Bluebird Cafe where songwriters often perform in the round and tell the stories behind their songs.

“The Bluebird is something that’s hard to recreate and it’s so unique. No one ever leaves that place and doesn’t feel like they got to know a little bit more about a songwriter and the process,” he adds. “I really want us to create an extended portion of that in our set.”

Lady Antebellum haven’t come up with a set list yet, but they’re looking forward to digging into their lengthy catalog and performing album cuts they don’t usually play during their amphitheater tours.

“We’re looking forward to creatively exploring a bunch of songs that we’ve released over the years,” Hillary tells One Country. “The ballads for sure. Uncovering some songs that have been on our past records that we haven’t been able to perform a ton live. It will be really fun to dig in deep to the albums and find our favorites that we would perform every night if we could. I think putting [the set list] together will be really, really fun. To take the songs like ‘Just a Kiss’ or ‘Need You Now’ and finding new ways to bring them to life.”

One song Charles is hoping to perform live in Las Vegas is their poignant 2010 single “Hello World.” The top 10 hit was featured on the trio’s sophomore album, Need You Now.

“We haven’t done ‘Hello World’ in a long time because when you’re out there on a Saturday at an amphitheater and you’ve got a bunch of people who have been tailgating and drinking since noon, they don’t really want to hear ‘Hello World’ necessarily,” he admits. “But you get them in a theater, we can start unearthing songs that we’ve put on the side for a while.”

Overall, Lady Antebellum hope their Our Kind of Vegas residency takes fans on a journey. They promise a “big and flashy” moment at the start of the show with their horn section to kick off the night, as well as plan for more intimate, stripped down portions of the set.

“We’re trying to find ways to mix up each year from a touring standpoint. It’s fun to flip it on it’s head as a destination. The theater is so much fun. I love to play acoustic. I feel like it allows us to sit there for an hour and be able to walk through funny moments, serious moments, the way we started and where we are today and what we’re going through, and talk about our music in that way,” Dave Haywood concedes. “It provides a whole new way for us to approach a Lady Antebellum show and I hope fans feel like it’s a totally different experience as well.”