Lady Antebellum On the Importance of Group Therapy & Touring with Their Kids


Lady Antebellum are getting ready to hit the road this summer as part of their co-headlining Summer Plays On Tour with Darius Rucker. And, with six children among the three bandmates, things have changed drastically for the country trio.

“I’m wearing a lot of hats right now with newborns at home, so it’s a lot of packing, lists, checklists,” Hillary Scott tells Willie Geist of “Sunday TODAY.”

Dave Haywood chimes in, adding that “backstage is a different world” from their early days on stage 12 years ago.

The trio have been together as a band for over a decade and as with any relationship, they have to work at it. Lady A openly admit that they’ve been going to group therapy to make sure they remain balanced as a band.

“We’ve even done a lot recently, just getting back into this and the balance,” Charles Kelley explains. “It is nice because I do think when bands don’t talk and let out some of that stuff, it’s nice to have a little unbiased professional that’s like, ‘Right there, man, your tone. You see why that probably hurts her feelings?’ and you’re like ‘Aw, man, okay.’”

“It’s like marriage counseling,” Dave shares.

The trio also joke at how their upcoming tour really serves a golf tournament for avid golfers Charles and Darius. But, Charles, who’s the proud dad to two-year-old son Ward, won’t be spending as much time on the golf course this tour as he has in previous years.

“Now having kids though, you have to balance that. I used to be way more selfish with my time. And we still try to write a lot of songs on the road,” Charles explains, pointing to their writing rig.

Lady A’s Summer Plays On Tour kicks off July 19 in Toronto and runs through October.