Hillary Scott “Begged” for Horns on Lady Antebellum’s “You Look Good”


If you have not yet heard Lady Antebellum‘s new single, “You Look Good,” I’m going to need you to stop reading, go to the bottom of this post and watch the lyric video.

Are we good? Can we continue? Great.

Lady Antebellum is back from their hiatus and they sound better than ever. One Country had the opportunity to sit down with the trio (along with several other media outlets) to chat about the new music.

During that chat, Charles Kelley revealed that Hillary Scott is the one to blame for the awesome horns in the song.

“There’s something so cool about horns and how they transport you to another place,” Hillary added. “We just felt that the energy of this song lent itself to it.”

The group also explained how they landed on making “You Look Good” as the first single and that was by asking everyone else what they thought.

“This is the one time I went into the label and said, ‘Guys, y’all know better than us,'” Charles said. “From the first 10 seconds they said ‘This sounds so fresh and different!'”