Lauren Alaina Takes the Deep Dive on “Dancing With the Stars”

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Lauren Alaina dancing with the stars samba little mermaid
Photo courtesy Lauren Alaina Instagram

Fans of Lauren Alaina may have been wondering why the country star was making her beloved manager, Trisha McClanahan, watch the animated Disney film The Little Mermaid while Lauren posted it to her Instagram stories. It turns out, it was Disney night on Dancing With the Stars and the singer and her professional partner, Gleb Savchenko, were dancing the Samba to “Under the Sea.”

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Styled like a miniature Ariel, complete with flaming red hair, Lauren and her Prince Eric (Gleb) began their routine with Lauren primping with her fellow mermaids, even combing her hair with a fork.

They descended the steps to the main dance floor and began their samba with a canopy of giant neon jellyfish overhead. Lauren has mentioned that the sexiness of dances like the samba and tango is a little out of her comfort zone, but like the consummate professional that she is, she adapted to the role easily with her effervescent personality.

There may have been a very minor misstep early on, but the couple hit their groove quickly and the singer twisted, turned and spun with solid confidence and plenty of sizzle.

Following their performance, the judges were complimentary of the couple.

“You make a great ‘Little Mermaid,’ really you do,” Carrie Ann Inaba told her. “You look like a Disney princess right away. You got one of the hardest dances to get. The samba is one of the most difficult, next to the quickstep, I believe, because the bounce is such a weird thing ‘cause if you don’t get it right in the beginning, you’re off the whole dance. You had that bounce, it was fantastic. You had the smooth, you had the ooze, you had the strength. Every once in a while, you did some weird arms, I’m not sure what that was…but what I love is you are still moving forward, you are still growing, it was wonderful.”

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Len Goodman said, “I like the fact that there was a lot of samba content amongst all the ‘frivalry’ and messing about.” After taking a bit of guff for his manufactured word, Len also added, “You’re a really nice dancer, so well done.”

The ever- enthusiastic Bruno Tonioli told the couple, “My darling, fabulous underwater and pretty hot on dry land as well…what you’ve done is a nice samba with lots of stuff in it. Yes, you went a bit weird a couple of times and you lost count, but it was a samba.”

Earning a total score of 23 out of 30 kept Lauren and Gleb out of the bottom two, however, the judges granted leniency this week and chose to not eliminate any of the couples.